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Buyers enjoy an 90% response rate from suppliers on Sourcing Playground.

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Features & Benefits

Projects that save you time

Reduce your sourcing time by posting a project and receive like for like quotations and introductions from relevant suppliers matching your requirements - instead of you having to find them.

A global network providing more choice

Extend your supplier network and tap into our database of over 5000+ users. Work with hidden gems from around the world that match your sourcing requirements.

Suppliers verified with industry standards
Suppliers cross-referenced with industry leading standards to make it easier for you to choose better, more compliant suppliers
(including ethical and sustainable)
Greater transparency with reviews & ratings
Reviews and ratings from previous buyers to
give you better insight about the supplier and
what it’s like working with them.

It’s free

Currently, Sourcing Playground is free. It’s free for you to post a project, to receive quotes and to choose your suppliers. It’s on us!

Certifications held by suppliers
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Who uses Sourcing Playground?
Launching new products and need factories
with low minimum order quantities. Sourcing
Playground has factories who are able to handle
small projects and can help you during your design
& development stages. Utilise suppliers’ existing designs of products and customise to your own requirements.
Needing to move production to a new
supplier. Upload your designs & teck packs,
specify your sourcing requirements then
compare quotes from suppliers from over 40
different countries giving you more choice.
Whether you’re looking for more competitive
options, more reliable suppliers, better quality
products we have suppliers waiting to start
working with you.
Looking to extend their network within new
manufacturing territories for own brand products.
Sourcing Playground has manufacturers with high capacity within new territories. Set your requirements and easily choose compliant suppliers matching your requirements
with leading, industry standards.
To empower buyers to make faster, more informed sourcing decisions making it easier to find & work with trusted suppliers online.
An easier way
Sourcing Playground was created by a team of buyers all tired of using outdated means of supplier and manufacturer sourcing. We’ve been there, done the leg work and now there’s an easier way.
Common Questions
Does Sourcing Playground screen suppliers?

We are not an auditor or certifier – rather we focus on transparency. Our goal is to empower all of our buyers to make the best choices for their business. Sourcing Playground verifies suppliers in a number of ways including:

- Authenticating email addresses

- uploaded documents or links to documented evidence for certifications held, memberships, and policies.

- Sourcing Playground cross checks the supplier’s claim with industry leading standards themselves to verify their membership.

- displaying each supplier’s reviews & ratings and feedback on past projects

- working with certification standards to ensure best possible practices

- our featured suppliers also have an independent on-site verification audit displayed on their profile

Ultimately it is your responsibility to check and screen potential suppliers to make sure they’re a suitable supplier that meets the needs of your project and business.

What should I look for in a supplier?
You can evaluate suppliers by reviewing their profile on Sourcing Playground. Each supplier has their own profile which includes lots of information about the company and their products including: company type, capabilities, size, product portfolios, buyer feedback and reviews, certification and compliance and much more.
What happens after I choose a supplier?
Once you have chosen a supplier you are free to continue using Sourcing Playground’s chat feature to work through your project and get your products made. Share files and designs, discuss samples and agree on your order. Once you have received your goods, leave a review to help your supplier.
As we don’t currently have the option to process orders through Sourcing Playground, we recommend common best practices when working with new suppliers including, paying with Letter of Credit (LC) for new orders.
How much do you charge?
It’s free to post your project and receive quotes from suppliers. Sign up and find your next supplier for free on us! We will introduce paid features at a later stage, but we will always have a free plan available.
Where are suppliers located?

Our suppliers are based from all over the world including: India, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, UK, US, Canada, Italy & more. Tap into our network over 5000 users from over 40 different countries.

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