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Features & Benefits

Browse buyers who are looking for your products and only quote on the projects you want.

Increase your sales with relevant product requests. Choose buyers by country, project size and relevance.

Get notified when buyers are looking for your products.

Never miss out on opportunities, we let you know as soon as a relevant buyer has posted a project.

Send fast, professional quotations.

Send personalised quotes to new buyers in minutes whilst never compromising on quality. Your quote will be sent alongside your supplier profile so that buyers get the best introduction to your company.

Easily chat & work with real buyers.

Follow up your quotes and chat with potential buyers easily. Your contacts are stored so you can access anytime. Work with buyers seamlessly through our flexible chat system sharing files and images.

Beautiful supplier profiles to attract
new buyers
Showcase and promote your company with a
professional supplier profile. We make sure that
you look the part, making it easy for you to
create a profile that you’re proud of -
showcasing your products & services.
One centralised place making it easier for
you to follow up
Stop wasting time going through emails.
Chats, projects & quotes are all saved in one
central location so you can quickly access at
any time allowing you to staying organised
and on top of your leads.
Gain access to hundreds
of active buyers in minutes
Who uses Sourcing Playground?

Manufacturers looking for new buyers in Europe & US

Sourcing Playground allows you to target buyers by location, project size quantities & more. We make sure you are targeting & being notified for the most relevant buyers for your company giving you access to buyers from over 40 different countries.

Manufacturers with spare capacity looking to expand and target new clients

Sourcing Playground allows you to expand your reach to the global market and increase your export opportunities, targeting only the buyers looking for the products you make.

Certified manufacturers looking for buyers with specific requirement

Are you a certified manufacturer, or registered member of a certification standard? Sourcing Playground is increasingly seeing requests from brands looking for certified suppliers. Access these buyers to make the most of your certified status and get buyers who are looking for your products.

Our hard-working and responsive support team is here
to help you succeed with and profit from Sourcing Playground
Common Questions

How can I chat & contact buyers?

Once you sign up and create your supplier profile you can search for buyers’ projects. Once you find a project you can supply you are able to send a personalised quote directly to the buyer. After submitting your quote the buyer will be added to your contact list where you can follow up and chat directly.

How much do you charge?

It is free to sign up to our free forever plan where you can create your supplier profile and start quoting buyers. Our free forever plan is limited, but generous on the project size / opportunity that you are able to quote on.

What buyers use Sourcing Playground?

We have a range of buyers from start-ups to established brands and retailers looking to find trusted, reliable suppliers. Our buyer centric platform makes it easy for us to attract buyers to post their project and their opportunities on our site.

Where are buyers located?

Our buyers are based all over the world from over 40 different countries. From the US, Europe and more. Tap into our network of more than 1000 users to make it easier to find your next customer.

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