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Factory Hunt

Qualify vendors faster, deep market intelligence and strategic sourcing.


Price comparison, RFQ, collaborate effortlessly online.

Factory Hunt

Discover at speed, qualify with confidence.

Compare and qualify thousands of global suppliers in confidence with deep market intelligence, significantly reducing risk of onboarding new suppliers whilst casting a wider net making sure you’re working with leading suppliers.

  • Deep searches on the world’s factories by: country, product, competitors.
  • Intelligent supplier insights: who they’re supplying to, what products they sell etc.
  • No more guessing. Make decisions based on facts.

“Factory Hunt allowed us to source new suppliers during Covid-19, faster.”

Eddie Latham CEO @ Velocity Commerce

“I uploaded my brief one evening and the next day had 20 viable quotes from factories that were able to produce exactly what I was asking for, even in terms of price point and moqs. It completely took the stress out of finding a manufacturer!”

Lianne Carolan Founder @ Sienna Apparels


Faster price comparison. Do more in less time.

Specify your requirements and compare quotes from global suppliers.

  • Evaluate supplier proposals in less time
  • Chat and collaborate online, in one place
  • A global network of more sustainable suppliers

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Support agile teams with the best technology

Remote Work

Collaborate effectively and work as a global team online.

No more excel. No more master data.

Using enriched data, access insights on new & existing supplier bases.

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Chief Procurement Officer

Perform strategic sourcing by screening 180 times more suppliers, saving 47% on procurement associated costs.

Buying Director

Identify leading suppliers in new markets. Gain competitive advantage accessing unique market insights on competitors supply chains.


Walk into negotiations armed to the teeth with market data. Pinpoint the perfect supplier faster with razor sharp data.

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