Factory Hunt

Fast supplier discovery in
total confidence.

Smarter sourcing decisions harnessing trusted data to gain competitive advantage.

What you can do

Supplier Discovery

Suggested new vendors based on your specific requirements.

Access Real Market Intelligence

Confidently source with factual supplier & market insights.

Gain True Transparency

Access third party data on existing supplier base, for true transparent supply chains.

See what’s in it for you


Smarter supplier discovery

2+ million experienced, reliable suppliers, in minutes.

  • Access suppliers’ real history in the market, identifying reliable suppliers with long standing trading history with leading brands & retailers.
  • Identify new production markets based on competitors supply chains
  • Minimise risk with experienced and reliable suppliers.


25M data points improving supplier consolidation.

Remove company blind spots accessing verified third party data for true supplier transparency – make better decision, faster.

  • Maximise spend with current suppliers, by analysing who & what products they’re producing for – identifying opportunities to expand production.
  • Drive innovation – stay one step ahead analysing product market trends


Accelerate speed to market. Increase sourcing efficiency.

Sourcing from 2 months to 2 days. Reduce travel and internal resource cost, sourcing remotely from Head Offices.

  • Access on-demand, shared data, so global teams can better collaborate on supplier discovery & qualification.
  • Increase speed to market & easily expand into new product categories – we have every retail consumer goods category covered with the world’s Tier 1 & 2 factories. Leading suppliers working with top brands.

Cost SAving

Reduce associated sourcing costs.

Identify the best suppliers 74% faster utilising curated big data. Gain deep insights on new and existing suppliers.

  • Save 47% on internal procurement costs.
  • Eliminate costs by harnessing digital sourcing.
  • Constant source of new vendors.
  • Improve efficiency of sourcing teams.

A solution for...

Chief Procurement Officer

Perform strategic sourcing by screening 180 times more suppliers, saving 47% on procurement associated costs.

Buying Director

Identify leading suppliers in new markets. Gain competitive advantage accessing unique market insights on competitors supply chains.


Walk into negotiations armed to the teeth with market data. Pinpoint the perfect supplier faster with razor sharp data.

“Factory Hunt allowed us to source new suppliers during Covid-19, faster”

“It’s cut down the time and noise in finding suppliers from months to days, making sure you’re going to source, not through middlemen & agents. I wish we had found it sooner.”

Eddie Latham, CEO @ Velocity

Factory Hunt is a project supported by Innovate UK

Industries covered

Appliances & equipment

Consumer Electronics

Home, Garden, Pets & DIY

Fashion & Apparels

Toys, Children & Baby

Other FMCG & Consumables

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We already have sourcing teams on the ground. What is the benefit of Factory Hunt?
  • How does it work?
  • How did you get this information?
  • What’s the advantage compared to other sourcing websites?
  • How much does it cost?

We already have sourcing teams on the ground. What is the benefit of Factory Hunt?

We already have sourcing teams on the ground. What is the benefit of Factory Hunt?

Factory hunt is the most comprehensive and only supplier search engine bespoke to the retail market. Identify suppliers using verified and trusted information. The on demand data can be accessed anywhere, removing the need for travel whilst increasing efficiency and speed to market.

Key benefits:

– Save 47% on internal procurement costs

– Saves 74% process time whilst saving on purchasing costs

– Positive ROI in just 17 minutes / day thanks to increased supply chain transparency

How does it work?

How does it work?

1) Browse millions of global suppliers using our dedicated web app

2) Compare competitors markets & supply chains

3) Drill down into target markets and build up shortlisted suppliers

4) Qualify their export experience: products/ markets / clients

How did you get this information?

How did you get this information?

We have created the most comprehensive database bespoke to the retail market from a wide array of different sources: private data, certification bodies, governments, brand insights and other verified sources. The data is not provided by suppliers, ensuring completely unbiased insights.

What’s the advantage compared to other sourcing websites?

What’s the advantage compared to other sourcing websites?

Factory Hunt is not a directory or listing website. It is a business intelligence tool empowering sourcing team with better insights. It uses cutting-edge analytics to revolutionise online sourcing, supplier discovery and qualification.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Factory Hunt typically saves save 47% on internal procurement costs and 74% process time. Positive ROI can be achieve in just 17 minutes / day. The price depends on each client need as we want to ensure a positive ROI for all our customers.

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