Case Studies

The Ultimate Toolbox for Procurement

Chemical Giant Saves $250,000 in 2 Months: AI-Powered Supply Chain Analytics Slashes Analysis Time

A leading chemical manufacturing company, faced challenges in optimising their supply chain due to inadequate digital infrastructure…

Leading Sports Brand Cracks Competitor Pricing as AI Tool Reveals Loss Leader Strategy in Weeks

A $5 billion sportswear giant faced a perplexing challenge. They knew that one of their biggest competitors was offering a product at a price point that seemed impossibly low…

AI-Powered Document Processing Reduce Admin Costs and Boost Efficiency for Major Retailers

A major retailer faced significant inefficiencies and high costs in their procurement data management process…

Why Sourcing Playground?

AI Driven Sourcing Database

Supplier & market intelligence powered with AI, to scan the globe for the hidden gems, the factories most suited to your business.


Facts allow sourcing experts to execute decisions with confidence and speed, reducing risk and costs of any new endeavours.

Sustainability Matters to You

Brands are wanting to take responsibility of their sourcing and our certification and sustainability intelligence ensures their brand values & compliance is met.