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Data Hub

Collect, consolidate and manage supplier data for ESG, sustainability, compliance, reporting.

Our technology is used by

Enrich Your Supplier Data with Agnostic Intelligence

ESG & Sustainability

Improve sustainability for your existing suppliers

Supplier Data Management

Keep on top of and track vital supplier information

Quality Control & Compliance

Speed up onboarding with third party intelligence

Connect the dots, remove supplier data silos

Tap into third party data for increased transparency

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Speed up supplier onboarding

Automatically check a suppliers’ current compliance and certification to see if they meet your company standards

  • Check supplier certification status
  • Understand suppliers’ high risk areas
  • Benchmark against other suppliers in minutes


Calculate & Reduce your Supplier Carbon Footprint

See how much carbon is emitted for every dollar spent with your suppliers

  • Instant Supplier GHG emission scores
  • Calculate your total carbon score based on spend
  • Calculations in line with industry best practices
  • Calculations suitable to use for auditing


Keep on top of and track certification supplier information

Automate and remove manual work collecting and tracking supplier information

  • Certification recognition of your factories
  • Automatic tracking of certificates – no supplier input
  • Compliance expiry date notifications
  • Automated factory reminders


Improve sustainability & ESG of your suppliers

Unbiased scorecarding that allows you to spot high/low risk suppliers and make actionable improvements to your supplier base

  • Supplier ESG scorecards
  • Brand ESG health analysis
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Holistic sustainability recommendations

Key Benefits

Automate Data Collection

Speed Up Vendor Onboarding

Improve Suppliers ESG

ESG Awareness for Teams

Deeper Insights on your Suppliers

Accurate Date for Reporting

A solution for...

Quality Teams

Make supplier onboarding faster and more efficient by instantly accessing impartial supplier information on new vendors

CSR & Sustainability Teams

Easier to compare your supplier base for sustainability using reliable information covering more than 300 sustainability criteria aligned to industry standards

Supplier Management Teams

Automate supplier tracking and information gathering for certification and compliance

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